Research & Development


As the leading stone wool insulation manufacturer, we recognize that insulation is only a single component of the overall enclosure design. Understanding the in-situ performance of building materials as a full system is critical to design durable and energy efficient buildings. Concurrently, understanding the fundamentals of material behavior can be used to push innovation to the forefront.

At ROCKWOOL, we aim to provide state of the art, evidence-based knowledge and guidance when it comes to building enclosure design. Working with leaders in the building research industry, reputable third-party laboratories, as well as colleges and universities in both Canada and the United States, ROCKWOOL has conducted multiple research studies that will assist in understanding the challenges of building enclosure design.

Highlighted Research Reports

Drainage balance assembly testing using stone wool exterior insulation.

Demonstrating low risk of rainfall related moisture accumulation behind open joint claddings.

Performance analysis of building enclosures in the Pacific Northwest

Understanding the moisture related performance benefits and risks through in-situ test hut moisture monitoring of building enclosures using stone wool exterior continuous insulation for steel framed and wood framed assemblies, in caparison to XPS and polyisocyanurate insulation assemblies.