Purpose of insulation

Therefore, insulation of storage tanks is a major factor in the functionality of storage facilities. It also serves the following purposes:

  • Costs savings: Insulation significantly reduces the heat and the so-called breathing losses of the substance. The pay-back time for the hot insulation is, even at lower temperatures (30°C), usually less than 1 year, whereas the life time of the insulation may be many years.
  • Environment: In addition to the cost savings achieved, reduced heat losses will also lead to lower CO2 emission. Reduced breathing losses of hazardous substances is beneficial to our environment.
  • Process control: Insulation will prevent tanks from freezing or being heated by solar radiation. It will also reduce the cooling of the stored substance, preventing it from setting and remaining in a solid form. In both cases case additional heating or cooling may be applicable.
  • Safety: A fire resistant insulation reduces the risk of a fire outside the tank igniting a flammable medium. It is also protection against contact by minimising the surface (contact) temperature of the tank. 
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