The importance of insulation

In addition to the risk of water and ice formingat this cryogenic temperature, there is also the risk of pure oxygen condensing against the cold parts of thesystem. The presence of oil and grease may be enough to cause the high concentration of oxygen to spontaneously combust. This is obviously an extremely hazardous situation. The presence of oil and grease must thereforebe avoided at all times.

It is vitally important to well insulate all cold parts of the system, such as vessels andpipes. Strict specifications regarding the insulation are therefore essential. A frequently applied standard for theinsulation of air separation plants is the AGI Q 118 standard “insulation work on air separation plants”.This standard describes in detail the various parts of the installation and the insulation to be applied.The construction method naturally depends on the application. The following instructions are limitedto the insulation of so-called cold boxes.

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Compressors, Turbines, Generators & other Power Generation Applications

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