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Healthy living for occupants

People spend almost 90% of their lives indoors. The buildings we live and work in affect our health and well-being. At ROCKWOOL, we understand this and have spent the last 80 years insulating and cladding the walls of great buildings and everyday homes to create safe spaces and lower emissions to help support better air quality. Our commitment continues with greater product transparency.

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Products built for healthy living.

To ensure we continue to push the industry forward, we’ve completed an in-depth voluntary transparency analysis to evaluate material ingredients and product health. The result is more ROCKWOOL products have met the Living Building Challenge (LBC) Red List Approved criteria and exceed minimum Health Product Declaration v2.2 declaration standards, disclosing our material ingredients up to 100 ppm. As we continue to aim for higher transparency, ROCKWOOL will continue to develop HPD documents for the rest of our products.

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A sustainability commitment written in stone.

We use stone wool, naturally derived from volcanic rock, to create our insulation products – with our commitment to sustainability built right in. It’s why so many contractors and builders rely on our products to help achieve energy performance credits and LEED® certification. Now, knowing exactly what goes into the products we make means you can feel more confident in creating the high-performance, energy-efficient spaces our products can help you achieve.

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