ROCKWOOL COMFORTBOARD™ Receives Certification in California with the State Fire Marshall’s Building Materials Listing Program

Garrett Feehrer
August 1, 2019

COMFORTBOARD™ stone wool non-structural insulated sheathing board is the first insulation product of its kind included in the listing program.

ROCKWOOL is pleased to announce that its COMFORTBOARD™ product has been officially certified by the California State Fire Marshall’s Building Materials Listing Program (BML).

The stone wool board, which is resistant to fire up to 2,150˚F and has a 0/0 Smoke Development and Flame Spread rating, has met or exceeded strict standards in fire-related product performance testing. 

The State Fire Marshall’s BML Program certifies products based upon an evaluation of test results that include an analysis of required product performance and reliability features.  All testing for ROCKWOOL product was completed with a State Fire Marshall (SFM) accredited laboratory.   

The SFM listing service provides building authorities, architectural and engineering communities, contractors, and the fire service with a reliable and readily-available source of information on building products for fire-first applications. 

In addition to ROCKWOOL COMFORTBOARD™ insulating product, the California State Fire Marshall’s BML includes many other materials such as: roof coverings, fire resistive wall and ceiling-floor assemblies, wall finish materials, fire- and non-fire-related hardware, fire doors, fire dampers, electrical appliances and devices.  

“This listing supports our continued commitment in the promotion of fire safe building practices and helps us deliver on products that will help architects and builders meet the California Title 24 thermal and Wildland Urban Interface (WUI) requirements” says Mark Bromiley, Vice President of Marketing & Business Development, ROCKWOOL (North America).  “With over 60% of new homes being built in WUI regions across North America, building with noncombustible products should be a primary consideration.” 

ROCKWOOL stone wool insulation products are often the first choice of building professionals in fire-first applications due to their noncombustibility and fire resilience properties.  The products also provide a multitude of advantages including excellent thermal performance and sound dampening, high vapor permeability and drying potential for moisture management, as well as resistance to mold and mildew.  ROCKWOOL stone wool products are also resistant to termites. 

ROCKWOOL COMFORTBOARD™ products have received ICC-ES validated product acceptance in accordance to the International Residential Code (IRC) and International Building Code (IBC) for the following uses: • Non-structural thermal insulation in non-fire-resistive rated assemblies • Exterior perimeter insulation around foundation  • Under flat concrete slab • A component of residential wood-framed cathedral ceilings • In areas where probability of termite infestation is ‘very heavy’. 

Please visit for a complete list of ROCKWOOL listings and certifications or to view technical data sheets for COMFORTBOARD™ 80 and COMFORTBOARD™ 110