ROXUL Launches Line of Commercial Insulation Board for Fire First Applications

May 27, 2016

With the introduction of ROXUL SAFE™, designers, architects and specifiers will now have access to a new line of board insulation products specifically engineered and produced as a fire-stopping material for commercial, industrial and residential buildings.

Lightweight and semi-rigid, ROXUL SAFE™ comes in four variations: 

1) ROXUL SAFE™ is designed for commercial, industrial and residential buildings as a fire stopping insulation. Ideal for filling perimeter gaps between concrete floor slabs and exterior wall systems; sealing conduit pipe and duct openings through walls and floor slabs; and closing gaps between fire walls and ceiling slabs. ROXUL SAFE™ is used in conjunction with a fire sealant to prevent passage of fire and smoke

2) ROXUL SAFE® 65 holds a fire resistance rating of one hour, from the interior side, as specified in ULC Design No. W605 and UL Design No. U654. In addition, it holds a fire resistance rating of one hour from both sides, as specified in ULC Design No. W610 and UL Design No. U658.

3) ROXUL SAFE® 55 holds a fire resistance rating of two hours, from the interior side, as specified in ULC Design No. W606 and UL Design No. U655.  In addition, it holds a fire resistance rating of two hours from both sides, as specified in ULC Design No. W611 and UL Design No. U659

ROXUL SAFE® 55 and ROXUL SAFE® 65 provide added fire protection for metal buildings in close proximity to other buildings and are designed for interior or exterior non-load bearing metal panel wall assemblies where a fire resistance rating is required. They are ideal for energy efficient, zero lot line applications where fire resistance ratings are required.

4) ROXUL SAFE® 45 is a semi-rigid, mineral wool insulation board designed for fire stopping in the concealed spaces of residential units. It complies with the 2010 National Building Code 

These products’ excellent fire resistance properties––including a high melting point and low thermal conductivity––allows the insulation to act as a shield against fire and temperature.  ROXUL SAFE products are fire resistant up to 1,177˚C (2,150˚F). ASTM testing demonstrates these products’ non-combustibility and additional benefits such as not contributing to toxic smoke/gases or flame spread.

According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), there are an estimated 98,500 non-residential fires each year causing more than $2.5 billion in direct property damage.

“The decline in non-residential fires underscores the importance of continual improvements in commercial fire resistant materials and construction,” says Kim Friedrich, Segment Manager, Building Insulation – Commercial, ROXUL Inc.  “More effective fire safety regulation have also played a role. Mineral wool insulation, which is displacing more traditional materials known to be more susceptible to heat and fire, is gaining traction in fire-first applications. With mineral wool insulation, designers, architects, specifiers and building owners are creating buildings that are not only more energy efficient, but that also contribute to great occupant comfort and safety.”