Vapor Control layer Part 1

Join Dan Edelman from ROCKWOOL and the panel of ROCKstars on October 6th for our The Control Layers series. Part 1 talks about the Vapor Control Layer.

This month we will be discussing probably the most confusing of the control layers, the Vapor Control Layer. You’ve probably heard it many times being referred to as “The Vapor Monster”. Our discussion with the Pro Builders will help you understand what vapor really is and how to control it.

ROCKWOOL R-Class Webinar Building Pro Co-Hosts

  • Randy Williams- Willcon Inc
  • Travis Brungardt and Joe Cook- Catalyst Construction
  • Walt Tomala- TNT General Contracting
  • Chris Laumer-Giddens -LG Squared

Roundtable Session

Thursday October 6th, 2022

4pm- 5:00pm EST

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