Our changing climate is posing cities with new challenges related to safeguarding urban quality of life for the future. Rainfall is increasingly intense, there are longer periods of drought and temperatures are rising in inner cities. In addition to this, cities are expanding and increased urbanisation exacerbates existing climate-related challenges.


More frequent extreme rainfall, longer periods of drought and more urban areas acting as heat islands. These changes all have a variety of effects on the urban quality of life. Extreme downpours can cause local flooding, dry periods can cause vegetation to dry up and heat islands can create uncomfortable temperatures, resulting in physical complaints.

Are you planning to start with climate adaptive solutions in your municipality?

Then let us help you! We offer you an infographic free of charge with insight into:

  • Climate situations in the urban environment
  • Laws and regulations at national and local level
  • Sustainable urban drainage solutions
Infographic - Urban climate adaptation - Rockflow
It is our ambition to create a liveable climate-resilient city with a nature-based solution: stone wool

Ala Hussin

Managing Director

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