The climate is changing

The earth’s temperature is rising due to the increase in greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere. Countries are introducing increasing numbers of measures to reduce these gasses. Examples of this include nitrogen reduction, sustainable construction and sustainable energy generation.

Climate change affects the quality of life in towns and cities. The effects of climate change in the urban environment are easy to see:

  1. Too much water: heavy downpours cause local flooding
  2. Too little water: long dry periods between rainfall result in drooping plants in cities
  3. Heat stress: lack of vegetation and shadow in cities causes heat islands

Are you planning to start with climate adaptive solutions in your municipality?

Then let us help you! We offer you an infographic free of charge with insight into:

  • Climate situations in the urban environment
  • Laws and regulations at national and local level
  • Sustainable urban drainage solutions
Infographic - Urban climate adaptation - Rockflow

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