Urban climate adaptation

Municipalities are facing increasing challenges caused by climate change. More heavy rainfall, longer dry periods and heat waves present more challenges to the urban environment. Existing solutions often fail in the face of our changing climate. On top of this, European, national and regional regulations all set standards for dealing with rainwater. What’s more, society demands sustainable solutions, with a primary focus on pleasant living environments in urban areas.

Rockflow builds towards urban climate adaptation. To do this, we use ingenious fully circular solutions made of stone wool. Our underground system offers solutions for collection, storage and infiltration of rainwater in the same place it fell, leaving the space aboveground available to be used for urban infrastructure, etc. Rainwater is rapidly captured underground, preventing possible flooding. Depending on the situation, the water then infiltrates into the groundwater, can be used for urban greenspaces or diverted to the existing sewer system with a delay.

This is how Rockflow works

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Are you planning to start with climate adaptive solutions in your municipality?

Then let us help you! We offer you an infographic free of charge with insight into:

  • Climate situations in the urban environment
  • Laws and regulations at national and local level
  • Sustainable urban drainage solutions
Infographic - Urban climate adaptation - Rockflow

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