Circularity is not only an important issue from an environmental perspective, but also economically. The use of circular stone wool elements as an infiltration system for rainwater is making a significant contribution.

Circular use of a natural product

Stone wool can be recycled infinitely, without loss of quality. Rockflow stone wool elements consist of approximately 50% recycled stone wool products. The remainder is derived from a natural material: basalt rock. Basalt is an inexhaustible raw material. The earth (more than) replenishes its supply every year. Basalt is extracted in the immediate vicinity of the ROCKWOOL production plants. 

Sustainability in figures

An independent lifecycle analysis (LCA) for Rockflow also showsthat its environmental impact is very low over the entire life cycle of the product (from cradle to recycling).

To Rockflow's LCA and environmental product declarations

Share of recycled stone wool in Rockflow


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