Rockflow is a smart system made of stone wool that is used for regulating surface water in urban areas. Rockflow collects rainwater quickly and efficiently underground, retains and then finally discharges back into the ground, or into the sewer system. This approach relieves urban sewer systems that are struggling with capacity problems.

Rockflow is a purely natural product made from basalt rock. The stone wool used in Rockflow is sustainably produced and fully recyclable. Rockflow’s high water absorption capacity enables it to absorb up to 95% of its volume in water. Rockflow is installed underground and can bear high loads, leaving the function of the surfaces above ground level unaffected. The size and shape of Rockflow systems are extremely flexible and adaptable. This means that Rockflow can be easily installed in an urban subsoil environment that’s littered with pipes and cables.

Rockflow is already being used in more than 200 projects in the Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Italy and Switzerland.

This is how Rockflow works

This is how Rockflow works

Rockflow is a water management system that collects and attenuates precipitation quickly and effectively in order to infiltrate it into the soil or discharge it into the sewer system.

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