In order to anticipate the future, we need to handle rainwater intelligently. In urban areas, Rockflow offers a solution in case of flooding caused by downpours and extreme drought.

Future-oriented handling of water

This smart water management system solves local bottlenecks, for example by upgrading an existing swale with stone wool elements. The water channels can thereby become shallower without compromising the rainwater-buffering capacity. This creates a safer situation, and makes maintenance easier and cheaper.

Rockflow is also a sustainable part of the total solution for a larger area. For example, Rockflow can be used in a linar attenuation and drainage system, replacing the traditional rainwater drainage pipe with a Rockflow buffer over the entire length of a road. The buffer collects the water, which is then slowly buffered to the soil or to the sewer or the surface water, depending on the applicable laws and regulations.

Thanks to its fine fibre structure, Rockflow stone wool is resistant to high traffic loads, which makes the material also extremely suitable for central attenuation and drainage systems beneath f.e. squares, parks and car parks.

Is there a need to lay additional cables in place of the buffer after the construction? This can be done relatively simply. The storage system continues to function whilst the elements are adapted. 

Solutions with Rockflow

Central attenuation and drainage projects

Blue-green swale projects

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