Work on the sewer system has a major impact on our living environment. Think of the accessibility to homes, shops, businesses and schools. It also involves the diversion of traffic, and causes a nuisance for local residents. An easy-to-install and adaptable underground attenuation and drainage system can help with this: a system that can be installed more quickly saves costs for the contractor and ensures flexibility, even after the system has been installed. 

The simplicity of a Rockflow installation

Rockflow is a flexible and modular water management system made up of stone wool elements. The system attenuates precipitation, in order to then allow it to gradually infiltrate into the soil or be discharged into the sewer system. Rockflow is used under streets, squares, parks, roads, water channels and other places where flooding may occur.

Rockflow only consists of sustainable stone wool elements which makes the installation quick and easy. The construction is similar to building with Lego. Check out more information about the installation, download drawings for the design of your system or contact our construction team if you have a question about your attenuation system installation.


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