Rockflow builds towards climate-adaptive cities using ingenious solutions made from fully circular stone wool.

Stone wool solutions for urban climate adaptation

The changing climate is creating three challenges in the urban environment:

1. More heavy downpours
2. Longer periods of extreme drought
3. Heat stress as a result of rising temperatures

In urban areas with a lot of hard surfacing, climate change is creating major challenges for municipalities. During heavy downpours, so much rain falls in a short period of time that the sewer system is not able to deal with the amount of water. This means that streets are flooded and housing and other buildings can be faced with water damage. We are also having to cope with more frequent water shortages during dry periods.

Rockflow’s stone wool elements offer sustainable solutions for capture, retention and infiltration of rainwater. This prevents local flooding above ground as well as contributing to restoring the natural water balance under the ground.

Absorption capacity

Stone wool has an absorption capacity up to 95%. Virtually the entire volume is available for water storage.

Installation depth

A depth of only 38cm is sufficient for installation of Rockflow.

Buffering capacity

Within 24 hours, Rockflow’s buffering capacity becomes available again for dealing with the next downpour.

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