Buildings and constructions require robust passive fire protection systems to meet modern safety standards – including effective fire doors to slow the spread of smoke and flames. Without effective insulation, a fire door is just a regular door.

ROCKWOOL Core Solutions1 offer customised, non-combustible stone wool fire door insulation, which can be installed during manufacture for a range of different applications.

We work with Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and door manufacturers to develop bespoke solutions, advise during product testing – and support with best practice expertise.

Find out how ROCKWOOL Core Solutions can help you manufacture fire resilient doors that protect occupants and assets, while improving the efficiency of your production process.

Why do we need fire door insulation?

Fire doors are a vital part of preventing the spread of smoke and flames in many types of structure, meeting or surpassing local safety standards and giving people time to escape.

Steel doors require the application of fire door insulation to comply with local building requirements, improving the safety of occupants if a fire breaks out.

Our stone wool cores can be installed when producing:

  • Standard fire doors
  • Industrial fire doors
  • Locks and frames

Non-combustible, stone wool insulation solutions offer key benefits for manufacturing partners2, including:

  • Fire resistance
  • Acoustic performance
  • Thermal properties

Calculator and savings

The amount of fire door insulation material required will depend on the size, shape and number of doors being produced.

We offer bespoke products and services to create the most effective solution for our partners, whatever your end goal might be.

Our specialists work closely with OEMs every step of the way – from initial innovation and testing through to creating and manufacturing the solutions themselves.

In addition to their fire protection properties, which can prevent costly damage and save lives, installing stone wool cores in doors can also improve the energy efficiency of buildings, structures and vessels. These savings are then passed on to occupants.

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Our specialist team adapt a consultative approach to closely work with manufacturers and understand their manufacturing process. We can also engage locally, offering specialist support and market knowledge for fire door insulation solutions.

Benjo Daemen

ROCKWOOL Core Solutions European Business Director

Sustainability and energy efficiency

Our solutions are designed to help door manufacturers create safe, effective and sustainable products, while increasing efficiencies.

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Financial support

We can help you deliver cost-effective and efficient systems for your door insulation manufacturing process. Contact your nearest office for more information.

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What difference can stone wool make to fire doors?

Today’s building fires can spread five to 10 times faster than 50 years ago. Stone wool insulation is fire resilient and can slow the spread of flames and smoke. This can make the difference between a fire in a building and a building on fire.

Do fire doors need fire frames?

Yes. A fire door fitted in an unsuitable doorframe may not slow down or prevent fire spread effectively. If it does not fit properly, gaps could let through smoke and flames, harming the fire door’s performance. ROCKWOOL Core Solutions can assist with fire protection solutions for locks and frames.