Happy Earth Day!

Jonathan Turner
22 April 2020

Every year, 22 April marks a moment for us to come together and celebrate our planet

F50 seen from above whilst sailing off the shore of New Zealand

Happy Earth Day! Every year, 22 April marks a moment for us to come together and celebrate our planet, the environment we live in and the inspiring individuals and organisations working to protect it.

As world-class athletes who spend a lot of their time on the water, the Denmark SailGP Team are passionate about our planet – and helmsman Nicolai Sehested believes that sailors have a unique relationship with the nature around us.

“As sailors, we all feel very connected to nature and committed to raising awareness around sustainability – we’re powered by nature and racing in some of the most iconic spots on Earth.”

He added: “Earth Day is a fantastic opportunity to take stock of the state of the environment, celebrate our planet, and discuss all of the sustainable solutions that exist to make a positive impact on society.”

As well as racing at speeds of up to 100 km/h in SailGP, Nicolai has previously competed in two round-the-world races – sailing through some of the most remote spots on Earth, thousands of miles from civilisation.

“When you’re sailing around the world, you definitely see the impacts of humans and what we’re doing to the planet,” he adds.

“You can’t sail for a day without seeing plastic in the ocean, or fishing nets, oil and dirty water. And when you’re racing into some of the world’s larger cities, you see blue, clear skies turn into grey skies and pollution.

“We all need to look after our planet, and you can start in small steps on Earth Day. It’s something that’s very close to our hearts and we’re doing everything we can to try and improve it.”

For tips on how you can help the environment on #EarthDay, click here!

At ROCKWOOL, we are working everyday to create solutions that protect our planet. In fact, the Grodan products sold in 2019 will help save 100 million litres of water, and the building insulation sold  will save up to 200 million tonnes of CO2 throughout its lifetime, equivalent to more than 43,000 wind
turbines running for a year!

Nicolai continued: “We know we have full support from ROCKWOOL in this partnership, as we harness the SailGP platform to raise awareness around sustainability issues, and showcase the potential of natural materials and innovative solutions."

Want to learn more about the sustainable impact of harnessing the power of stone? Why not check out the ROCKWOOL sustainability and learn how we make sure #ThisFutureRocks!

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