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Martin Kirketerp

How to mitigate the effects of noise

We've put together a complete guide on how noise impacts performance at work. Through the guide you will:

  • Learn the three most effective ways to improve acoustics for your business
  • Understand how noise affects productivity and sales
  • See the full impact of noise on the health and well-being of employees
  • Be inspired by four of our best case studies on improving acoustics for businesses
SailGP noise campaign: Boosting business with acoustics

Making your home quiet and comfortable

To recover from the hardships of sailing, the athletes must have a quiet and comfortable home to rest. We've put together our best tips on how you can improve the acoustics of your home and avoid the negative effects of noise. Through this guide you will:

  • Learn how noise affects you and your health
  • Understand why reducing sound is important when renovating or building new homes
  • Get 7 steps to soundproofing your home
  • Be inspired by two of our best case studies to inspire you for your next project
SailGP noise campaign: 7 steps to soundproof your home