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Exterior metal building

These products are designed for exterior and interior non-load-bearing, steel-faced firewall applications where a fire resistance of at least one hour is required. ROXUL SAFETM 65 holds a fire resistance rating of one hour, while ROXUL SAFETM 55 holds a fire resistance rating of two hours – both from the interior side. Both products allow builders to reduce the required separation and increase the area of buildings in close proximity to each other.



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12793-ROXUL SAFE-tech_Safe

Make your fire-first application even safer.

Made of non-combustible material

ROCKWOOL ROXUL SAFETM products have a melting point of up to 2150°F (1177°C) and will not develop smoke or spread flames when exposed to fire.

Energy-saving thermal performance

Contribute to enhancing the efficiency of the building envelope – lowering your client’s long-term energy costs.

Easy to find everything you need

Now, all ROCKWOOL fire-safing products have been brought together under the ROXUL SAFETM brand name – making it easier to find everything you need for your applications.

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