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COMFORTBOARD™ continuous stone wool insulation for improved thermal performance

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High Performance Building using COMFORTBOARD™ 80

Matt Risinger, building science expert, uses COMFORTBOARD™ 80 to keep his clients comfortable. 

Trailblazing requires confidence, expertise and a desire to do things right. It's why Matt Risinger uses non-combustible, vapor-permeable and water-repellent COMFORTBOARD™ to get a higher-performing residential building envelope. By helping wall assemblies dry to the outside and cutting down on heat loss, you get improved energy efficiency, more comfortable clients and, ultimately, a positive impact on your business.

5 better building tips from Matt Risinger

Designing and constructing a modern, high-performance building takes some commitment and planning by builders, but the results have the potential to pay long-term dividends. Take a look at 5 tips expert Matt Risinger suggests for achieving a better-built home.


COMFORTBOARD™ 80 is non-combustible, vapor permeable, water repellent and sound absorbent insulation.

It has also received ICC-ES validated product acceptance in accordance to IRC and IBC for the following uses:

  • non-structural thermal insulation in non-fire-resistive rated dwellings
  • exterior perimeter insulation around foundation
  • under flat concrete slab
  • a component of residential wood-framed cathedral ceilings
  • and in areas where probability of termite infestation is ‘very heavy.’
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Case Study: Going above and beyond for one Texas home

Matt Risinger has made a name for himself by going above and beyond with his projects.

A building science expert, Matt focuses on the craftsmanship of each build – ensuring best practices are prevalent throughout. This home is a perfect case in point.
Located in Austin, Texas – home base for Risinger & Co – this house was built to be well beyond the building code requirements.

What does it take to be a Trailblazer?

Matt held a series of seminars at the International Builders Show where he spoke about designing and constructing modern, high-performance buildings. Watch one of these sessions where he looked at how we can all achieve a better-built home.

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