Insulation - a low hanging fruit

According to McKinsey, and many other studies, better insulation is one of the most profitable ways to save energy wastage and CO2 emissions - it is a low hanging fruit.

Source: based on McKinsey/Vattenfall, 2008  

ROCKWOOL insulation is among the few industrial products that, in its life-cycle, save vast amounts of energy. Energy is a resource that is critical for future generations. By saving fuel ROCKWOOL insulation also reduces greenhouse gas emissions, acid rain and smog by more than the pollution caused during ROCKWOOL insulation production. In total, the ROCKWOOL insulation produced this year will, in its lifetime, save more than 4000 million tonnes of CO2 (4 GtCO2) in buildings and industrial processes worldwide.

According to CO2 abatement studies, for instance by McKinsey, insulation is among the lowest hanging fruits; giving some of the highest financial gains for every tonne of CO2 it saves.