Protecting your environment

Our most significant impact on the environment is through the application of our range of energy efficient products.

The ROCKWOOL products provide a portfolio of sustainable solutions that have a positive impact on many of the global environmental issues facing our planet today, for example:

  • With GRODAN horticultural substrates applied in the most state-of-the-art closed growing systems you can grow 1 kg of tomatoes using only 4 litres of water instead of up to 60 litres of water in soil with drip irrigation.
  • Traditional 250 mm ROCKWOOL attic insulation – manufactured and installed in an un-insulated attic in a Danish climate and used over 50 years – will save 100 times more primary energy than it has consumed.

Within the ROCKWOOL Group, we continuously strive to improve our practices in order to reduce any negative impact our production process might have on the environment. We invest in developing new technologies to improve our own energy efficiency and environmental performance.

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