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Contact us about the ROCKWOOL Group's sustainability and our efforts within environment and corporate social responsibilities.

The ROCKWOOL Group will work towards continuous improvement of its social performance by setting high objectives and integrating social, human rights and health & safety considerations into our daily business. The ROCKWOOL Group seeks an open dialogue with its stakeholders and reports annually on its social performance.

In the Sustainability section, you find a range of information from Sustainability stories on the ROCKWOOL Group's efforts within environment and social issues to up-to-date details on the Group’s environmental and social performance (‘order in own house’) in the annual Sustainability Report.

Information about corporate governance, remuneration issues, etc. is found under Corporate Governance in the About section.

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Enquiries regarding sustainability 

 Anthony Abbotts ROCKWOOK International A/S
 Anthony Abbotts
 Head of Group Sustainability
 Group Marketing, Communication & Public Affairs
 ROCKWOOL International A/S
 Hedehusene, Denmark
 +45 4656 0300
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