Fire safety

Fire protection

Non-combustible ROCKWOOL® insulation acts like fire barrier and does not contribute to fire. The level of protection can further be enhanced with smoke detectors, fire alarms and sprinkler systems.

Fire protection

ROCKWOOL stone wool hampers a fire’s progress. ROCKWOOL fire-protecting insulation, thanks to its fibers’ resistance to high temperatures, will limit the effects of a fire:

  • Protects flammable constructions or those susceptible to the effects of fire
  • Increases elements of building structures’ resistance to fire
  • Slows down heat transfer up to high temperatures
  • Its fibrous structure does not melt away below 1000°C 

Even if not used primarily for fire protection, due to its non-combustibility ROCKWOOL insulation does not fuel or spread fire by releasing heat, smoke, or burning droplets.

ROCKWOOL products are used in all types of structures for fire protection: elements of building structure to EN 13501-2, ventilation equipment to EN 13501-3, smoke control equipment to EN 13501-4, and external exposure to EN 13501-5.

As a result, ROCKWOOL products improve the safety of occupants and rescuers, as well as protecting property and belongings in the event of a fire.