Create the buildings of your dreams -
protect the things you love

People spend the majority of their time indoors, at home, in school, at work and in other public buildings. That makes the quality and performance of the world’s buildings vital to our safety, comfort, health and well-being.

“CREATE AND PROTECT” is our way of explaining how we in the ROCKWOOL Group help the world improve the buildings we inhabit. We create products and share insights that protect buildings, building occupants and the environment, while also giving people freedom to create buildings that delight the senses and perform at their best.

Protecting people and buildings from the forces of nature

“CREATE AND PROTECT” means creating solutions that protect people from the cold, the heat, the risk of fire and ambient noise –  hether from outdoors or adjacent rooms. But it also means helping to create beautiful buildings and protecting them with durable solutions that last for generations.

Protecting the environment from the impact of buildings

ROCKWOOL® insulation products minimizes the energy a building has to consume for heating and cooling – reducing the building’s carbon footprint and helping to lower CO2 and other emissions. And all our products are made from natural, recyclable stone wool.