ROCKWOOL International A/S has been listed on the Nasdaq OMX Nordic Exchange Copenhagen since 5 January 1996. The share capital consists of two classes of shares, and includes a total of 11,231,627 A-shares (ROCK A) and 10,743,296  B-shares (ROCK B). The denomination of both types of shares is DKK 10.

In the period 5 January 1996 – 14 January 2011, the share capital consisted of a total of 13,072,800 A-shares and 8,902,123 B-shares.

At an extraordinary general meeting 14 January 2011, it was decided to re-register 1,841,173 A-shares into B-shares. For more information please see extraordinary general meeting 2011


Interactive share graph

Updated share price and trading information regarding the B-share (ROCK B) which is the most commonly traded of the two shares.
The data is provided by the Nasdaq OMX Nordic Exchange Copenhagen.