Strong strategic platform for improved operations

Prince Mahidol Hall, concert hall in Bangkok, Thailand insulated with ROCKWOOL products for amongst others its sound absorption qualities. Learn more

The Group’s position in a number of markets driven by the sustainability agenda provides a solid foundation for the future. A major business transformation programme was launched in 2015 to improve profitability and competitiveness further.

The ROCKWOOL Group has managed to show continued organic growth over the last five years despite weak construction activity in many markets. This has been possible due to the general movement towards sustainability in the building sector and especially because of the strengthened market positions in North America and within our Systems business. Prioritising markets with profitable growth potential and executing potential bolt-on acquisitions will be important drivers for our future success.

The green opportunity

The movement towards more sustainable offerings is a major market driver for the ROCKWOOL Group. Our stone wool is part of the solution in many ways.