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Five-year summary and key figures as published in the latest annual report.

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Comments for 2015:
* Excluding redundancy costs of EUR 15.4 million from the Business Transformation Programme and write-downs in Asia of EUR 21.4 million.

Five-year summary

Income statement items in EUR million (2015 also in DKK million)
201120122013201420152015 DKK
Net sales1,8451,9692,0032,1802,20816,468
Depreciation, amortisation and write-downs1231491441501871,393
Financial items-6-7-6-6-4-28
Profit before tax121147164157133995
Profit for the year8410411611391677
Balance sheet items in EUR million (2015 also in DKK million)
201120122013201420152015 DKK
Non-current assets1,2721,2711,3711,4311,44610,793
Current assets4344704865605594,168
Total assets1,7051,7411,8571,9912,00514,961
Non-current liabilities184138134121119888
Current liabilities3603394395665193,872
Net interest-bearing debt74910017593692
Net working capital1281491471731621,209
Invested capital1,2491,3091,3551,4651,44810,806
Gross investment in plant, property and equipment1461252172341671,243
Cash flow in EUR million (2015 also in DKK million)
201120122013201420152015 DKK
Cash flow from operating activities2072402532062972,217
Investments and acquisitions1631332652572011,497
Free cash flow44106-13-5297721
Exchange rate
201120122013201420152015 DKK
Average DKK/EUR7.457.447.467.467.467.46
Others in EUR million (2015 also in DKK million)
201120122013201420152015 DKK
R&D costs2930303232235
Patents granted in the year12121816198165165
Number of full time employees (year-end)9,3689,77810,56211,03110,60110,601
201120122013201420152015 DKK
EBIT ratio6.6%7.8%8.4%7.4%*7.8%*7.8%
Payout ratio32.5%28.4%25.9%29.7%37.1%37.1%
Return on invested capital9.8%12.0%12.6%11.5%*11.8%*11.8%
Return on equity7.4%9.0%9.1%8.7%6.8%6.8%
Equity ratio68.1%72.6%69.1%65.5%68.2%68.2%
Financial gearing0.
Stock market information in DKK million (2015 also in EUR million)
201120122013201420152015 DKK
Earnings per share29.535.940.138.831.34.2
Dividend per share9.610.210.411.311.51.5
Cash flow per share7183887110313.8
Book value per share39242843544046362.1
Share capital (million)22022022022022029.5
Price per A share458629956689944126.6
Price per B share461634956696963129.1
Market cap (million)9,92613,60720,58014,96920,5802,758
Number of own shares379,702427,310437,246359,522391,835391,835
Number of A shares of DKK 10 (10 votes)11,231,62711,231,62711,231,62711,231,62711,231,62711,231,627
Number of B shares of DKK 10 (1 vote)10,743,29610,743,29610,743,29610,743,29610,743,29610,743,296