Investor contacts

Contact us for an investor relations meeting, for financial clarifications or to talk about energy and climate as growth drivers

The ROCKWOOL Group’s investor communication aims to provide institutional and private investors and analysts with comprehensive and accurate information on the company’s position and expectations. The ROCKWOOL Group aims to maintain an open and active dialogue with the players in the stock market.

Our investor communication is among others webcasts and presentations for large groups of investors and analysts, stock exchange releases, our shareholder magazine and the general meetings.

A "quiet period", where investor communication is stopped, is held three weeks prior to the presentation of the interim reports as well as the full-year results.

According to the articles of association, the company can communicate electronically with its shareholders. This makes it possible to quickly and efficiently convene a general meeting and distribute information about the company. Read more about shareholder communication.

 Jens Krogsgaard
 Vice President Group Finance & Investor Relations
ROCKWOOL International A/S
Investor Relations
Hedehusene, Denmark
Direct number: +45 4655 8017
Company number: +45 4656 0300