Calendar and presentations

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Date                                     EventTimeWebcastPresentation
18 NOVQ3 2016 Investor meeting
Carnegie, Copenhagen, Denmark
by CEO, CFO and IR
17 NOVQ3 2016 Investor teleconference
by CEO, CFO and IR
11:00 CETAudioEnglish
17 NOVReport on the first 3 quarters of 2016est. morning 
27 OCT - 17 NOVQuiet period before Q3
08 SEPRoadshow
ABG, London, UK
by CFO and IR
26 AUGQ2 and first half-year 2015 Investor meeting
Danske Bank, Copenhagen
by CEO, CFO and IR
25 AUGQ2 and first half-year 2016 Investor teleconference
by CEO, CFO and IR
11:00 CESTAudioEnglish
25 AUGFirst half year report of 2016est. morning 
4 AUG - 25 AUGQuiet period before Q2
5 JULRoadshow
HSBC, Zurich, Switzerland
by CEO and IR
16 JUNRoadshow
Frankfurt, Germany
by CFO and IR
20 MAYQ1 2016 Investor meeting
ABG, Copenhagen, Denmark
by CEO, CFO and IR
19 MAYQ1 2016 teleconference
by CEO, CFO and IR
11:00 CEST AudioEnglish
19 MAYReport on first quarter of 2016est. morning
28 APR - 19 MAYQuiet period before Q1
12 APRRoadshow
Nordea, Stockholm, Sweden
by IR
11 APRDividend payment is 3 banking days after the Annual General Meeting
6 APRAnnual General Meeting: Information in English
Ordinær generalforsamling: Information på dansk
Roskilde, Denmark
15:00 CESTVideo English
Video Dansk
1 APRRoadshow
Carnegie, London, UK
by CEO and IR
20 MARDeadline for ordering a hard copy of the Annual Report brochure "The ROCKWOOL Group 2015" for delivery prior to the Annual General Meeting. Orders after 20 March will be sent on an ad-hoc basis
29 FEBFull-year 2015 Investor and press meeting
Danske Bank, Copenhagen, Denmark
09:00 CETVideoEnglish
26 FEBFull-year 2015 Investor and press teleconference
by CEO, CFO and IR
10:15 CETAudioEnglish
26 FEBAnnual Report for 2015est. morning
9 FEBDeadline for shareholders to submit proposals for the agenda of the annual general meeting - to be sent to
5 FEB - 26 FEBQuiet period before Q4
2 FEBSRI Conference
HSBC, Frankfurt, Germany
by IR
8 JANSEB Enskilda Nordic Seminar
Copenhagen, Denmark
by IR