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"I wake up with a smile on my face"

Wojciech Kozlowski
International Category Manager
ROCKWOOL International

"I chose to work for the ROCKWOOL Group because I looked fora professional working environment with very high business standards. I am glad to say that the ROCKWOOL Group meets every one of my expectations. My tasks include the development of strategies and cost saving initiatives for my sourcing categories, negotiation of supply contracts, evaluation of suppliers, participation in strategic sourcing projects and much more.

In our multinational, multicultural and very dynamic environment, we emphasise honesty in dealing with both our suppliers and with each other. It makes every day interesting. One of the company’s main priorities is to invest in its people and help them to maximise their potential. I get good training and coaching and feel prepared to handle the responsibilities of my job.

My ambition is to keep developing myself professionally and contribute as much as possible to the company’s success. The ROCKWOOL Group gives me all the tools and opportunities I need to build my professional skills and put them to good use on a daily basis. Every day I wake up with smile on my face, excited about the new challenges that my job presents me with."

"I like to evolve ideas"

Hans Henrik Ter-Borch
Head of Product Management
ROCKWOOL Scandinavia

"I love to see an idea grow from a curly train of thoughts on a simple piece of paper to a robust product which will be appreciated by both our sales team and by our customers. I like to evolve ideas and to change the perception of how things should be done. According to my experience at ROCKWOOL Scandinavia, you get maximum support if you launch an idea and you can prove that it will work.

I am enthusiastic about architecture and building design, and I enjoy my daily tasks which involve the invention, development and improvement of façade systems for ventilated and rendered external wall elements. I also prepare production and marketing materials for product launches in Scandinavia.

ROCKWOOL Scandinavia not only encourages entrepreneurship, the company also makes sure that you develop both on a personal and a technical level. I can use the immense knowledge at hand within the ROCKWOOL Group to challenge known ideas.

I feel stimulated by the ROCKWOOL Group values which I basically translate as ‘just go out there, use your common sense and do it’. Often it is easier to simply take responsibility and just get things done instead of waiting and asking for permission – as long as you are honest and responsible you are empowered to act. That is the spirit of the ROCKWOOL Group and I like it very much!"

"I always try to make the most of myself"

Albert de Grijs
Team Leader. PSM Production

"When I started at ROCKWOOL as a machine minder, my ambition was to become an operator. I thought that would be the highest position I would be able to reach. But my superior at the time saw more potential in me and stimulated me to develop myself further.

I have had the opportunity to take several courses and have held several positions which have brought me to my current job. And now I can pass my know-how on to others. I like doing that. For example, I was the trainer for a machine group and have had the honour to train several people.

I always try to make the most of myself. When I had just become a Team Leader, our department was operating at a loss. Under the leadership of a new Production Manager we completely changed course and made our department attractive and profitable again."

"…a responsible company that makes a difference."

Allan Schefte
Commercial Director
ROCKWOOL Scandinavia

"I like working at ROCKWOOL Scandinavia because it is a responsible company with solutions that make a difference for our customers, for the environment and for business. I really enjoy the fact that my job gives me the opportunity to work internationally with both customers, markets, sales and management.

 In our approach we always focus on the end-customer, because it is their demand for our products and services that ensure our existence. As Commercial Director, my job is both to drive and fine tune our business in such a way that we are constantly bettering our options in the market, improving customer satisfaction and working intently to execute our sales plans. It is a matter of having a structured approach to the right customers, at the right time, with the right solutions.

‘My ambition is to initiate and influence developments at ROCKWOOL Scandinavia that create benefits for customers, employees and the Group. My career at ROCKWOOL Scandinavia helps me realise that ambition and energises me to succeed by giving me ever greater challenges along the way. It is my passion to make a major difference working alongside my colleagues.  This is what we are striving for every day in my organisation – a place where honesty, responsibility and passion permeate our approach to our customers"

"…so many different possibilities"

Lotte Hemmingsen
Section Manager
ROCKWOOL International

"When I finished school in 1987, I wanted to join a big international company with wide career possibilities. At that time I lived in the ROCKWOOL Group’s hometown of Hedehusene so when an apprenticeship with the company opened up, I applied for a job. Why have I stayed for so many years? Because there are so many different possibilities, there is still so much to learn and so much I can give.

I have held several different positions during my time with the ROCKWOOL Group. Following my apprenticeship, I worked for about five years in a control function. I then spent more than fifteen years working in strategic capacity planning, supply chain activities and conceptual studies. And now I have returned to controlling.

I really like to be involved in many different areas, start things up and come up with new ideas. Although I have been with the company for many years I keep learning new things and meet interesting people every day. I enjoy working in a cross-cultural atmosphere and treasure the good working environment where people take responsibility and are honest and passionate about what they do."

"Here you find a lot of personal energy "

Heidi Ringsaker
Manager Customer Service
ROCKWOOL Scandinavia

"A flat organisational structure, a good working environment and competent colleagues - these are three characteristics that quite precisely describe ROCKWOOL Scandinavia. I thoroughly appreciate my position heading up a department that focuses on optimising quality and efficiency for customers. This goes for both our procedures and the way we run them. There is always something to learn and this mindset lets us achieve the best results. I have been able to attend an exciting management training course offered by ROCKWOOL Scandinavia, which was very stimulating professionally as well as personally."

I am responsible for ensuring that our quality control systems are known and followed by all employees in my department. To help further the successful development of our organisation, I prepare proposals for strategies, targets and plans and I also contribute to the overall strategy work of ROCKWOOL Scandinavia. I like to radiate positive energy around me; I value seeing my staff rise to the occasion and encourage them to take on responsibility and to find solutions. Being a leader, I find it important to be able to give and receive constructive criticism – above all, working in the ROCKWOOL Group, is about honesty, trust and loyalty."

"I thrive in an international environment"

Geraldine Buge
International Category Manager
ROCKWOOL Group Sourcing and Procurement

"The ROCKWOOL Group has a competitive and proactive approach, and looks for continuous improvement – very much to my liking. Here I thrive in an international environment and enjoy meeting people every day - suppliers, internal stakeholders, members of my team."

"My tasks as International Category Manager include developing category and supplier strategies, generating cost savings through smart procurement and executing supplier evaluations and audits."

"I take full responsibility for my own actions and decisions: in this way I can work most efficiently. Yet it makes me feel confident to know that my boss is always available to advise and support me if needed."

"Gaining new knowledge is a key point in my job. I am very pleased with the training courses and e-learning programmes available which allow me to apply the learning directly in my daily job. The more I know about suppliers, markets and categories, the better are the cost saving ideas I can come up with. In this way, I contribute to the ROCKWOOL Group’s profit and competitiveness."

"To me being passionate means being effective"

Agnes Schuurmans
Public Affairs Manager, Sustainability
ROCKWOOL Group Public Affairs

"The ROCKWOOL Group takes lobbying very seriously, which makes my job as Public Affairs Manager Sustainability very interesting and challenging. Personal integrity is paramount in this job, so I am proud to say that there is perfect harmony between my personal convictions and the core values of the ROCKWOOL Group. I cannot do my job without being honest. I cannot be effective without being passionate. This means that honesty and passion are the pillars for everything I do."

"In my job I strive to establish a policy framework which is as fair and optimal as possible for the ROCKWOOL Group. I follow and react to developments in European countries and initiatives from the European Commission, and I am in regular dialogue with various stakeholder associations in Brussels. I also work with internal project teams, giving feedback on planned policies and regulations to help us be prepared for the future."

"It is great that the ROCKWOOL Group presents career opportunities not only for managers in vertical progression, but also in a content-driven job like mine which can lead to interesting horizontal career choices. I am happy that the ROCKWOOL Group offers a lot of flexibility, allowing me to perform my international job while also having a family life."

"My job is to build relationships"

Ashley Wainwright
Business Manager UK and Ireland

"Due to the size and nature of London - a design hub for the world - I focus only on architects and specifiers. My job is to build relationships with the aim of securing repeat business. It gives me the chance to be involved in some truly fascinating construction projects as well as some very high profile ones too. The buildings I am helping to create will perhaps be around long after me!

ROCKWOOL is a well-known and well-respected global brand.  The company has a great range of products and despite being over 70 years old, still has a huge potential to expand into new markets. A great place to develop my skills and collaborate across borders. As the world is becoming a smaller place I think it’s vital to be able to work with people from different countries and cultures."

"All of us are dedicated"

Daphne Korten
Marketing Communications Specialist

"There is a motivating working climate here, a strong sense of 'we'. All of us are dedicated and we are given plenty of freedom to work autonomously and are also being stimulated to come up with our own ideas. And If you can substantiate them and generate some buy-in for them, then you will not be hindered in any way in trying to implement those ideas.

I can develop myself to the full here, both as regards my specialist knowledge as well as how to interact with people. We're active in a rapidly changing market, where you have to show guts and enterprising skills. Due to the international level on which we are doing this, I work together with people from many different countries, all with their own cultures, backgrounds and ways of working.  This offers me an excellent opportunity to broaden my insight into human character."

"We compete mainly on the basis of knowledge and clients"

Rutger van der Veld
Business Manager

"LAPINUS FIBRES is a relatively small part of ROCKWOOL, but one that does have global presence and great ambitions. We not only compete on the basis of our products, but also mainly on knowledge and clients.

My passion is building a business. To do that you need a clever strategy, a huge amount of perseverance and considerable patience. ROCKWOOL understands that.

The ROCKWOOL values – responsibility, efficiency, passion, entrepreneurship and honesty – come naturally to me. I’m given enough scope to interpret them in my own way. The same applies to taking new steps in my career. ROCKWOOL encourages and facilitates its employees’ ambitions, but places the responsibility for this with the people themselves."

"‘We are all good to go!"

Jolanda Muller
Customer Service

"I really feel at home in the ROCKWOOL company culture. Having the freedom to do my work in my own way is very important to me.

I love helping people, not only in a business environment, but also in private situations. I am taking a course on this. What I would like is to start my own practice next to my part-time job at ROCKWOOL. ROCKWOOL is supporting me in this and has given me the opportunity to work fewer hours.

During an international meeting that lasted a couple of days I gathered from the reactions of several participants that we're all cut from the same cloth. The open atmosphere, the freedom to express one's opinion, the discussions about the content of our work, the drive to improve things. We’re good to go!"

"Entrepreneurial spirit and strong ambition"

Kees Struijk
Marketing Manager

"GRODAN supplies stone wool products to the professional horticulture sector in more than sixty countries. Our customers are highly qualified growers, a no-nonsense target group that expect us to live up to our promises and we're quite good at that. That's why GRODAN expects an entrepreneurial spirit and strong ambition from its employees. I have been working for GRODAN since 1984, nine years of which I have worked in different Mediterranean countries. The job is still challenging, thanks in part to the company's innovative qualities.

GRODAN does not take people by the hand every day at work. You're expected to develop initiatives yourself, things which should help our customers to fulfil their wishes. This has ensured that our company continues to be successful in the industry that we work for."

"Responsible for my own customers"

Marco Peeters
Vegetables Key Account Manager

"As an Account Manager, I am responsible for my own area of work and my own customers. I have a lot of freedom and can organise my work as I see fit in order to make sure that our customers are satisfied, and in this, I achieve results. I also regularly get my colleagues to assist me in this.

GRODAN is an A-brand and leads the way in innovative cultivation solutions. My passion is supporting customers and, at the same time, achieving our own sales objectives. I spend a lot of my time finding solutions from our customers' perspectives, advising them and innovating. This company enables me to develop both as a person and professionally. My ambition is to grow further and I get plenty of opportunities for this here."

"‘I can develop myself to the full here"

Willemijn van Laer-Boesten
Customer Service Representative

"There is a pleasant working atmosphere at GRODAN; colleagues are very friendly and you can always count on constructive feedback. I love the high degree of autonomy and the variation in my work. This lets me fully develop myself and I can regularly participate in extraordinary projects.

My department plays a key role in monitoring that relationships with customers are good and in strengthening them even further. Here, making sure that all promises in respect of customers are fulfilled is essential to my job. This means open communication and not creating any false expectations. By keeping regular contact with our customers during the order and delivery process, we achieve the best results together."

"After all these years, I still feel right at home here"

Jacqueline Wolters
Customer Services Assistant

"I started working here when I was 18 and I’ve worked in different departments. After all these years, I still feel right at home here; things are always happening in this company. Basically everything is possible, as long as you take responsibility and can guarantee the quality of your work.

I work in a team of eight colleagues. Together we make sure that things run smoothly; that customers are satisfied and that our internal and external sales force can work together well. Maintaining all those contacts, showing that I am good at it: that's what I really love doing. Since open and honest communication and interaction are very important here we pay a lot of attention to that."

"continue developing correct team spirit"

Oualid Rouchdi
Customer Service Manager ROCKFON
ROCKFON, Benelux

"What do I like most about my work? Working with people and solving problems. And especially when the two are combined. I have the freedom here to do things in my own way. I work with many different people, often internationally too. At the moment, for instance, I’m involved in a Rockbis rollout in Wijnegem (Belgium). Also managing of people is for me a born skill and making sure that the employees have the correct spirit and act according the ROCKFON values.

It’s nice to be able to work on new, challenging projects each time and be a part of the ROCKFON group. There’s plenty of scope for me to develop further too and learn every day."

"I get a lot of freedom and appreciation"

Alex Nöllgen
Business Controller

"You can always develop yourself. And there is always a challenge for which a solution must be found. Since I like making the most of myself, I really enjoy doing this. I started at GRODAN as an assistant accountant in 2008 and by way of several different jobs I was able to grow to my current position.

I get a lot of appreciation for the work that I do. ROCKWOOL gives people plenty of freedom, but this also comes with a high level of responsibility, as is the case when I make recommendations  to management, but also when I have to draw up a simple summary. This not only involves giving a reliable presentation of the actual situation, but also working according to an efficient process."

"…as a team we’re completely self-supporting"

Marij Flendrig-Smets
Customer Service Assistant

"The three of us make an excellent team and we’re completely self-supporting. All three of us have a great deal of experience and we challenge each other if we think certain things can be improved. We are also honest and direct in dealings with our customers. We do our very best to be of service to them, but if something really can’t be done, we tell our customers so. And they appreciate that very much.

Although I work part-time, I still carry full responsibility. Customer Service workers play a pivotal role in contacts between customers, logistics and production. It’s always a challenge to make everything run as smoothly as possible. Good communication is an ongoing point for attention. That applies to everyone who works here and that’s why the contacts are so good."

"‘…always on the lookout for possible improvements’"

Sander Rietjens
Marketing Communication Specialist

"I always wanted to work in an international environment. And that’s exactly what this job has given me. I’m very interested in digital communication in my field. My main job involves working on the online communication like the development of websites and online marketing collaterals.  The role of online communication tools in particular is becoming ever more prominent in marketing communication.

I want to grow to become an all-round marketing communication specialist who is knowledgeable about both online and offline aspects.  ROCKWOOL is helping me to do this by giving me the scope to acquire as much expertise as possible. Online communication is constantly in development, so I’m always on the lookout for possible improvements. That means thinking up new concepts, coming up with suggestions and collaborating closely with colleagues from different departments.

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