KfW Media Tour 2012

KfW Media Tour - November 2012

Hundred thousands of jobs, and savings worth billions of euros. Can Europe copy Germany’s green “Job-Wunder”?

ROCKWOOL International A/S Corporate Communication organised a media tour to Germany’s KfW energy efficiency programme for buildings and the innovation city Ruhr on
7-8 November 2012.

From the programme:

  • 'From coal pits to eco-innovation' visit to spectacular UNESCO World Heritage coal mine 'Zeche Zollverein' near Bottrop
  • 'Why is such an energy efficiency scheme so important for the building industry and for green growth?’
    by Volker Christmann, Managing Director of Deutsche ROCKWOOL
  • 'Key results and key principles for the KfW Energy Efficiency Programme’
    by Sonja Höpfner & Dirk Markfort, KfW Bankengruppe
  • 'The “best policy for climate and economic recovery” – Why is Germany’s energy efficiency programme for buildings so successful? What can other countries do?’
    by Theodora Petroula, European climate & energy policy Officer, WWF European Policy Office
  • ‘Bird Phoenix: Rising from the ashes of closed coal mines. How Energy Efficiency helps the Ruhr city pave an innovative way out of the crisis’
    by Bernd Tischler, Mayor of Bottrop (Innovation-City Ruhr)
  • Visit energy renovated single-family house: ‘What difference did the energy modernization of my home have to me? How did the funding help me?’
    meeting with home owner Eva Aurich and a specialist
  • Visit to social housing area under renovation, Ernst-Moritz-Arndt Strasse 55:
    ‘How does KfW help us make better homes and create green jobs?’
    by architect Michael Klump and Mr. Bode from the social housing company of Bottrup Wohnungsbaugesellschaft

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