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Energy Efficiency at COP15

The ROCKWOOL Group organised several events during the COP15 UN Climate Summit in Copenhagen in order to raise the awareness of the huge energy savings potential in buildings. Although we had hoped for a more ambitious climate agreement, we are satisfied with the massive international media attention on the need for better energy efficiency in buildings.

75 per cent of the energy used in buildings can be conserved which means that 20 percent of the world’s energy consumption and CO2 emissions can be saved by energy efficiency in buildings.

The ROCKWOOL events during COP15 first and foremost included a side event at the climate summit venue which offered delegates and journalists the chance to learn more about the big potential in buildings. The event attracted 175-200 participants from around the world.
It also included the participation of ROCKWOOL top management in debates at various venues in Copenhagen, trips for journalists and delegates to visit low-energy homes and a stand at the well-attended Bright Green exhibition presenting various green-tech technologies and businesses.
The messages from all the events were clear:
Climate change needs to be addressed through action, we have the necessary information available to act now, and energy efficiency in buildings plays a critical role in achieving the goals on CO2-reduction.
Many international as well as local media published stories on energy efficiency in buildings and how it can abate climate change.

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