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Shareholder Magazine December 2012 ›

13 December 2012

The ROCKWOOL Group's shareholder magazine - Newsletter - December 2012 has just been published and is available for download.

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New CO2 and energy efficiency goal on the right track ›

03 December 2012

The ROCKWOOL Group’s new ambitious goal to become 15% more energy and CO2 efficient in its own factories from 2009 to 2015 has had a promising start.

Sustainability report 2012

ROCKWOOL Group in Nordic elite of climate change disclosure ›

30 October 2012

The international insulation company only one point short of becoming Denmark’s best CO2 reporter in 2012.

The ROCKWOOL Group receives prestigious award ›

09 October 2012

On 8 October 2012 ROCKWOOL Russia Managing Director, Nick Vince, was presented with a royal honorary medal by HRH Crown Princess Mary of Denmark.

More old ROCKWOOL insulation to be recycled ›

29 August 2012

New recycling scheme for old ROCKWOOL insulation inaugurated by the Danish minister for the environment.

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ROCKWOOL insulation keeps Europe's tallest building cool, quiet and fire safe ›

17 July 2012

The Shard celebrated the completion of its exterior with spectacular laser display as interior fit-out progresses using ROCKWOOL insulation.

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President and ministers open new factory in Russia ›

06 July 2012

The opening of a new state-of-the-art ROCKWOOL factory in Russia was a great success, celebrated with a grand inauguration ceremony. And the factory is sold out from day one.

CEO Comment: The waves are going high again ›

06 July 2012

In the July 2012 issue of ROCKWOOL Newsletter, CEO Eelco van Heel comments on the ROCKWOOL business in the light of the global financial situation. Please find the edtorial comment here:

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Major South African contract points the way to growth ›

06 July 2012

A contract for technical insulation to protect two of the world’s largest power plants in South Africa highlights international opportunities for ROCKWOOL TECHNICAL INSULATION.

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ROCKWOOL insulation on top of the world ›

06 July 2012

The US ROXUL team helps to improve energy efficiency and fire safety in one of the world’s tallest buildings, Empire State Building in New York City.

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Busy airport chooses ROCKOOL insulation ›

06 July 2012

Airport operator BAA calls on ROCKWOOL UK to help create a quiet eco-friendly building for London Heathrow Terminal 2.

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Old apartment block now energy neutral ›

06 July 2012

Despite the current trend for austerity, a new project in Germany using ROCKWOOL insulation demonstrates keen willingness to invest in innovative energy saving solutions for older homes.

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Passionate about Precision Growing ›

06 July 2012

The GRODAN Group is exploring new market opportunities for its innovative substrate solutions that enable maximum output of high quality fresh produce with minimum input of resources.

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GRODAN Group opens production line in Canada ›

04 July 2012

The GRODAN Group is expanding production capacity and will commence production in July of this year on a newly installed line at the ROXUL Inc. facility in Milton, Canada.

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Ministerial opening for Croatian factory ›

29 June 2012

Seven years after the ROCKWOOL Group started its green field investment in Croatia, and having successfully solved all bureaucratic barriers, our state of the art factory was officially opened on 26 June.

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EU increases Energy Efficiency - one step closer to sustainable growth ›

14 June 2012

Following tough negotiations the EU is ready to pass the Energy Efficiency Directive. The new directive will help make millions of European buildings and industrial processes more energy efficient, cutting energy bills and creating many local green growth jobs across Europe.

CEO Comment: 2011 – important steps forward despite international crisis ›

01 March 2012

CEO Eelco van Heel presents the current status and future directions for the ROCKWOOL Group. Read comment from Annual Report 2011.

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The European Parliament votes yes to 2 million green jobs ›

28 February 2012

Europe is one step closer to two million green jobs and €200 billion in saved energy costs. Today’s positive vote in the European Parliament on an ambitious Energy Efficiency Directive shows a Europe trying to get on the right track.

Presentation of Annual Report 2011 ›

27 February 2012

On Thursday, 1 March 2012 ROCKWOOL International A/S releases the Annual Report 2011. After the release the full-year 2011 results will be presented on the Group's website. The presentations are transmitted live and on demand: