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CFO comment: Times of change ›

18 December 2014

The ROCKWOOL Group is undergoing change. As you can read more about on our website, a new CEO, Jens Birgersson, will join the Group on the 9th February 2015, signaling a new approach to tackle the challenges which face us in today’s competitive marketplace. In the interim period, I have assumed responsibility for coordination of the Group management actions.

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‘Best insulation’ award for ROCKWOOL Benelux ›

12 December 2014

ROCKWOOL Benelux awarded by the National Nomination Commission for excellence in the field of insulation.

ROCKWOOL Benelux launches CSR Report

Visit the newly launched ROCKWOOL Benelux CSR website (in Dutch called MVO)

ROCKWOOL AWARD prepares students for sustainable construction of the future ›

09 December 2014

The Danish sustainability organisation, Green Building Council Denmark, is today receiving the DKK 300,000 ROCKWOOL AWARD.

The ROCKWOOL Group supports AcousticsTech conference in Qatar ›

09 December 2014

Noise abatement for sustainable buildings on the rise

Renovate Europe Day 5 November 2014 ›

04 November 2014

Securing our energy future through ambitious renovation of buildings

ROCKWOOL Group secures landmark contract in Abu Dhabi ›

27 October 2014

A new order for Abu Dhabi’s TAKREER refinery project provides an excellent example on the huge business opportunities in the Middle East. The ROCKWOOL Group has since 2010 seen a steady growth in this region.

New Energy Efficiency Target Disregards Need to Boost Europe’s Prosperity ›

24 October 2014

ROCKWOOL International A/S comments on today’s announcement from the European Council that it has set an indicative energy efficiency target for 2030 of meagre 27%.

New CEO in ROCKWOOL International A/S ›

23 October 2014

Eelco van Heel resigns from the position as CEO at ROCKWOOL International A/S. New CEO will be Jens Birgersson who will join the ROCKWOOL Group latest 2 March 2015.

A business plea for a strong 2030 energy and climate deal ›

22 October 2014

CEO of the ROCKWOOL Group, Eelco van Heel posted a comment on the business web site 21 October 2014 where he calls for the European Council to show leadership and approve on an ambitious energy savings target this week.

Call for an EU binding energy savings target for 2030 ›

21 October 2014

49 companies and business associations is sending a letter to the European Council calling for an EU binding energy savings target for 2030.

Europe's energy future at stake says awarded CDP Climate Disclosure leader ROCKWOOL International A/S ›

15 October 2014

Today, ROCKWOOL International A/S, the world’s leading provider of stone wool insulation, has been recognised by CDP as a Nordic leader for climate change transparency.

ROCKWOOL insulation used for world-class sports complex in Singapore ›

10 October 2014

The new ground-breaking facility features ROCKWOOL insulation’s multi-benefit system to improve both comfort and fire safety.

Slack efficiency target will fail to secure Europe’s energy future ›

08 October 2014

Today, just two weeks before EU Heads of State will set the energy and climate targets for the next decade, an appeal was made at the Economist’s European Energy 2014 conference by one of Europe’s leading energy efficiency experts, Claus Bugge Garn from ROCKWOOL International A/S.

Go to an overview of the European Commission’s draft impact assessment on the Energy Efficiency Review

Renovation of Buildings - Essential to EU Energy Security and 2030 Debate ›

29 September 2014

Leading industries call for 40% binding energy efficiency target.

European Energy Security Strategy – Renovation of buildings is the solution. The complete letter to Heads of State

Learn more about The European Alliance of Companies for Energy Efficiency in Buildings (EuroACE)

ROCKWOOL Group opens first manufacturing facility in the US ›

25 September 2014

The ROCKWOOL Group is stronger than ever in North America – and now the company is opening its first manufacturing facility in the United States. Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant cut the ceremonial ribbon in connection with the official opening of the facility. The newly-built facility will ensure that the insulation group can meet the rising demand for stone wool products in one of the world’s largest markets for insulation materials.

UN Climate Summit must tap in to $18 trillion green growth potential from energy saving ›

22 September 2014

The UN Climate Change Summit in New York, which begins on Tuesday 23rd September 2014, is being billed as the last-minute call for bringing climate change negotiations back on track before global warming reaches a point of no return. However ROCKWOOL International is appealing to global leaders to put political differences aside and unite to put real actions in place which will combat the global climate change challenge.

Danish Royals pay tribute to ROXUL Inc. during Canadian Visit ›

19 September 2014

ROXUL Inc., the leading manufacturer of stone wool insulation products in North America was pleased to accept His Royal Highness Prince Henrik Medal of Honour award yesterday at the Danish Trade Delegation Business Lunch as a part of The Danish Trade Mission to Canada.

‘Hidden fuel’ revealed in new IEA report - Europe must stop overlooking benefits of energy efficiency ›

09 September 2014

Today, the International Energy Agency (IEA) launches a report, Capturing the Multiple Benefits of Energy Efficiency, which – if its recommendations were put into practice – could result in a boost in economic growth, reduced unemployment and improvement of public health.

New life for Russian airport ›

02 September 2014

ROCKWOOL insulation plays a key role in the expansion of one of the biggest airports in Russia, the international Pulkovo airport in Saint Petersburg. Fire safety, energy efficency and acoustic comfort are key elements in the project.

EU Commission Fails in Bid to be Energy Efficiency Champion ›

23 July 2014

The European Commission announced today its proposal for a 30% energy efficiency target for 2030, completing its January Climate & Energy Package

Getting the best of two worlds ›

14 July 2014

The new chairman combines insights from finance and industry.

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Letter from the Building sector to the EU Commission ›

10 July 2014

22 CEO and senior level representatives of leading industries in the building energy efficiency sector in Europe have sent a letter this morning to President Barroso and the College of Commissioners (together with Commission Secretary-General and Director-General for Energy) calling for further ambition on energy efficiency in buildings.

Go to the website of EuroACE - The European Alliance of Companies for Energy Efficiency in Buildings

Download the letter as PDF

Expansion in Turkey ›

07 July 2014

The Turkish construction market is moving full steam ahead, making the ROCKWOOL Group turn its eyes towards the country that connects the east to the west.

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Suspense over new energy agreement in Europe ›

03 July 2014

The political manoeuvrings over a new climate and energy agreement are in full motion. All signs point to a stricter protocol, which is welcomed by the ROCKWOOL Group.

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Sustainable city of the future created by universities from across the globe at Palace of Versailles ›

30 June 2014

A temporary micro-city of state of the art energy efficient homes has been built as part of the Solar Decathlon 2014 competition, where students from universities across the globe compete to design and build the most attractive, liveable, affordable and energy-efficient solar-powered home of the future. The city, ‘La Cite du Soleil,’ is being constructed on parkland at the Chateau de Versailles, Paris, France.

Festival guests testing future refugee shelters ›

30 June 2014

54 shelters constructed from ROCKWOOL stone wool will break the pattern of igloo tents during this year’s Roskilde Festival. These shelters will protect guests from the vagary of the weather and can create better housing conditions for the world’s poorest people in the long term.

CEO Comment: Spring is in the air ›

20 June 2014

CEO Eelco van Heel comments on the current status of the ROCKWOOL Group as presented in the shareholder magazine 'ROCKWOOL Newsletter' June 2014.

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Danish energy efficiency gains recognition ›

18 June 2014

The Alliance to Save Energy’s EE Global Forum, the world’s premiere energy efficiency forum, honoured Denmark at the 2014 EE Visionary Awards in Washington, DC. During the ceremony the ROCKWOOL Group and other Danish companies were praised for their innovative technologies to create the solutions we need to enter a green future.

The ROCKWOOL Group Starts Production at the First Factory in the United States ›

11 June 2014

The ROCKWOOL Group – the world's leading producer of stone wool insulation - is now more firmly established in the Unites States than ever. This week the company officially begins production on its first manufacturing facility in the country. The newly built facility will ensure that the insulation group can meet the increasing demand for stone wool products in one of the world’s largest markets for insulation materials.

ROCKWOOL Romania participates in Europe Day ›

06 June 2014

ROCKWOOL Romania participates in Europe Day, where several Danish companies promote themselves and their products, under the concept “House of Denmark”

Fiona Hall joining the ROCKWOOL Group ›

04 June 2014

ROCKWOOL International A/S is pleased to announce the appointment of Fiona Hall as Senior Policy Advisor to its energy efficiency team starting 1 September 2014.

The ROCKWOOL Group is helping to put fire safety on the agenda ›

15 May 2014

From 12-15 May, approximately 100 Nordic firefighters are gathered in Copenhagen to share experiences about the increasing challenges that firefighters are facing in their work. ROCKWOOL International A/S is the main sponsor of the Nordic Firefighters’ Training Days, which takes place at the Frederiksberg fire station.

ROCKWOOL companies support Earth Hour 2014 ›

27 March 2014

On Saturday 29 March between 20:30 and 21:30 local time, millions of people around the globe will turn of the lights for the annual worldwide WWF Earth Hour that focuses on reducing carbon emissions.

CEO Comment: Leaving the crisis behind ›

21 February 2014

CEO Eelco van Heel comments on the current status and future directions for the ROCKWOOL Group as presented in the Annual Report 2013.

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Presentation of Annual Report 2013 ›

19 February 2014

On Friday 21 February 2014, ROCKWOOL International A/S releases the Annual Report 2013. Results and articles and will be presented on the Group's website. Join our CEO and CFO when presenting the full-year results...