Whistleblower policy

The ROCKWOOL Group wants to conduct its affairs ethically and in compliance with the law. The Group’s whistleblower policy therefore encourages employees, suppliers, distributors, customers, etc. to expose corrupt practises and other misconducts anonymously, if they prefer so.

The whistleblower policy has been adopted by the Board of ROCKWOOL International A/S and is applicable for the entire ROCKWOOL Group. The whistleblower policy will be implemented in all Group companies worldwide, taking into account the applicable laws of every country.

In order to protect the whistleblower, the Group has hired one of Denmark's leading law firms, Gorrisen Federspiel, to receive and process the disclosures.

The channel is made in a form that assures two-way communication with the whistleblower for any needed follow-up on the disclosure (if the whistleblower has used the email solution or disclosed contact details if sent by post).

Blow the whistle

If you want to file a report regarding breaches of the Group's policy on business ethics or any applicable law, you can either send your report by post or by email to the following address in your preferred language:

by post:
Gorrissen Federspiel (marked “Rocketik”)
H. C. Andersens Boulevard 12
DK-1553 Copenhagen V

by email: