CSR Policy and Social Charter

Group policy on corporate social responsibility

The ROCKWOOL Group will work in order to continuously improve our social performance by setting high objectives and integrating social, human rights and health & safety considerations into our daily business. The Group will maintain an open dialogue with our stakeholders and report annually on our social performance.

Social Charter for the ROCKWOOL Group

Products and services sold by the ROCKWOOL Group improve the living conditions for millions of people by giving them thermal comfort, affordable heating and cooling, reduced fire risk, a lower noise and vibration level, and fewer chemicals in vegetables from greenhouses. ROCKWOOL stone wool core insulation does not contribute to fire. Furthermore, most of our products have a positive impact on the global problems of climate change and diminishing reserves of fossil energy. These basic, positive contributions to the world are important for the Group’s employees, for its management and Board and for the spirit in which we all work.

The fact that the Group offers a positive contribution to the world is also paramount for the Group’s largest shareholders, the ROCKWOOL Foundation and the Kähler Family. According to its bylaws, the ROCKWOOL Foundation has to spend its entire earnings to the benefit of society.

Of course the ROCKWOOL Group as a company has to make money in order to develop the business and offer the shareholders a return on their capital. However, the priorities should not only be set according to where the Group can make most money; it should also be ensured that the Group continues to have a positive impact on society in the countries and on the continents where it operates.

Therefore the Group should continue avoiding being involved in products and in operations which may have a negative impact on people’s health and well-being, and we shall conduct our business in a way that also ensures a positive social impact on our surroundings. Conducting the business according to high ethical standards, and training personnel to a high international level, are typical ways in which the ROCKWOOL Group positively influences our environment and society - wherever we operate.

The Group maintains an open dialogue with its stakeholders.