Environmental policy

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With the commitment of all the subsidiary companies, and in consultation with their managing directors, the ROCKWOOL Group has drawn up an environment policy. In accordance with this, our companies undertake:

  • To have an environmental management system, which describes responsibility and control procedures, and to make constant improvements to this system;
  • To ensure that the factories do not cause problems for their neighbours of a more serious nature than is normal in an area also housing industry;
  • As a minimum, to comply with the conditions imposed on them by the regulatory authorities; if this is not happening in any given area, then to inform the authorities immediately and to take steps enabling compliance;
  • To maintain an open dialogue with stakeholders - customers, regulatory authorities, investors, employees, suppliers and neighbours - in order to ensure that relevant interests and requirements concerning environmental issues are met;
  • Via the Group's environmental department, to carry out audits at the plants to assist the environmental work of the manufacturing companies;
  • The ROCKWOOL companies have acceded to the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC)'s Environmental Charter for Sustainable Development – Principles for Environmental Management.


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