Business ethics

Policy on business ethics

Guided by the ROCKWOOL Group values, our employees will build appropriate relationships with our business partners and other stakeholders.

Good own judgement will always be required as not all situations can be covered by rules and guidelines. We seek an appropriate balance between building, maintaining and expanding strong relationships on the one hand whilst ensuring that our professionalism is maintained and our integrity not impaired / jeopardized on the other hand.

The following general principles for conduct in our relationships with business partners and other stakeholders are to be followed:

  • We trust our employees to make sound judgements.
  • When in doubt, employees will seek guidance and confirm with their manager.
  • Any behaviour to be avoided that might pose a (perceived) threat to the independence of ourselves as well as of the business partner.
  • In case a business partner has a business ethics policy which is more stringent than ours, we will comply with his/her requirements.
  • We consider “reasonable activities” to be those that are not viewed as excessive by a rational and informed third party taking into consideration that we operate a global company.
  • We comply with laws, regulations and standards that apply to us in our professional conduct.

Of particular interest to the area of business ethics, the importance of compliance with the following Group policies is noted:

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